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Latest Factory Firmware for Jynxbox Android HD Mini & M3 TV Models For Sept 2013


There were a lot of requests for links to the factory firmware files for the Jynxbox Android HD and the Jynxbox Android HD Mini so we thought its better to create this post, where you will find all the latest working files for Jynxbox models. The factory firmware files on this page all come directly from the device manufacturer Jynxbox and haven’t been altered in any way whatsoever. Keep on reading for the latest firmware for your Jynxbox Android device, it’s all here.


Flashing Instructions

1. Download the files from bottom, you do need both files which is PSI file and the .IMG files

2. Download and unzip the appropriate file to your MicroSD card.

3. Insert the MicroSD card into your device.
Jynxbox Android HD mini 3

4. While holding down on the device’s reset button, plug in the electrical power cable and then release the reset button once the Update screen appears.

5. Once the recovery screen comes up select and Wipe Data/factory reset



6. Select and Apple Update go through your files and find the update_spi_mc_20130509.img first load it


7. Reboot, Press and hold the reset button then hookup the power


8.  Select Apply Update and find the Jynxbox Android_HD_mini_M3_20130916.img


9. Then Onces its loaded back to Recovery Screen Select Root System Now


In few Minutes it will show you Android Logo, Then Writing Android and bam you have the JynxBox Setup and onces its done you’ll get a popup for loading xbmc or metro as launcher select metro launcher and you’ll see this new awesome gui


Jynxbox Android HD Mini & M3 Factory Firmware Files

 For Video step by Step Click Here

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  1. I have a JynxBox M3. What is the default Username and Password for the box should I need to someday SSH into it?

    Roger Dodd

  2. Thanks !!!!!!!!

  3. I’m already running version 4.0.4 on my jynxbox android hd. It doesn’t look anything like yours do I need to update it manually for it to take effect?

    • We had some people that box didn’t bootup, so this page will help them out on loading main file back on it again, but no progress on update any time soon

  4. What is the latest firmware thas out for the jynxbox android hd m3?

  5. Is there anyway I can still get these firmware files or some later versions for my Jynxbox HD.

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