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FireTV How to install Kodi, Support

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There are many people that started to have issues with new Gui Software to auto install Apps on there FireTV or FireTV stick, do not worry we have you guys covered just follow the steps…

as usually we always want you to try easy way first

1. You need to try adbFire to install Kodi 14.2

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Just in case your having issue, we always recommand, trying to check your security on PC, also use another PC and if still issue there then follow our 2nd video

2. Follow video how to install using Command Prompt

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One thing you have to remember this video was created long time ago, so make sure you download latest stable version of kodi from then process the steps

If you are still having issue, please leave comment at the bottom of this Page will walk through different path..

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  1. I have been doing exactly what video says (Video how to instal KODI on TV FIRE STICK), but when I am installing kodi with abdfire it just keeps re-bootin the green bar, How can I perform this Task?

    • that tells me, your PC have a block on the way, either your proxy is on, or antivirus have security enabled, try to disable try again, but if still issue use another PC

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