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Sneak Peak Of MyGica ATV586 With ATSC connection

Here is Sneak Peak of Mygica ATV586 with ATSC Connection, this box still under heavy work and not out yet, but since i got my hands on it did a quick walk through what to look for once it comes out..

– For now its running Android 4.4 Kitkat, but DTV options are running very smooth and no problems, while did our test

– Kodi 14.2 preloaded inside, and running smoothly still under beat need a little more tweaking..

– The look may be a little closer to MyGica ATV400 but its much bigger then ATV400 ( we have place a very short clip on difference )

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  1. Enjoy your reviews. I live in a condo here in Toronto. Currently using rogers as my tv & internet provider.

    How can i use the Mygica ATV586 with ATSC to rid myself from rogers. I’m paying way to much for their TV services. Look forward to hearing from you!


    • hope your window is towards south, where CN tower and Buffalo that way you can get an HD Antenna and then you can use the ATSC to get channels, except that i do not believe you can use the ATSC

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